Holsten Gate & Splashtour

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The Lübeck Holsten Gate:

Together with the Brandenburg Gate, Cologne Cathedral and the Munich Liebfrauenkirche, it is one the most world-famous constructions in Germany. It is the proud symbol of Lübeck’s history as a city with special constitutional and political status. Inside this historic building, the Holsten Gate Museum deals with the Hanseatic League, trade, power and wealth – the importance of the medieval city was based upon the success of Lübeck’s businessmen. The Holsten Gate was constructed in the years 1464–1478, along Dutch lines, and was from the beginning intended to serve the prestige as well as the defence of the city.

The building is a double tower construction with an arched gateway. Above the arch is the gilded inscription CONCORDIA DOMI FORIS PAX (Inside Harmony, Outside Peace). Every visitor to the Holsten Gate notices its strong tilt and the sinking of its southern tower. The cause of this lies in the foundation work in the 15th century. Because only the towers stand isolated on a »Schwellrost« (grating) and the heavy centre section also rests on this, the towers sag unevenly into the boggy ground. It was not until 1933/34 that this movement was stopped. In 1863 the gate looked an absolute ruin. With a majority of only one vote, the citizens decided to maintain the gate and began extensive renovation work. The last took place from 2004–2006. During this, the slate roofs, the terracotta frieze and parts of the masonry were renovated. Inside, the exhibition »The Power of Trade« is presented, with historic ship models, armour, weapons, legal instruments, trading goods etc., which allows many exciting discoveries.

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Opening Times of the Holsten Gate:

01.01.-31.03. | Tue-Sun | 11.00-17.00 
01.04.-31.12. | Mon-Sun | 10.00-18.00

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